My Dublin House

My Dublin House
St. Mary's


This blog is about our journey restoring and renovating our 'new' very old house in Dublin and how my ideas are reflected and incorporated into the house design. It is not just about design, but how the house will work for us a family with 2 very lively boys and trying to update the house to 21st Century living without taking away the traditional features, charm and history.

Hopefully a happy marriage of Scandi and Irish design and lifestyle!

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me, and feel free to comment at any time or send me an email if you have any question.


Monday, 1 June 2015

Moving fast!

It's all go at the house and looks like we are on schedule to move in around 19th June - I cannot believe that we are nearly there. It's been a bit of a journey from sale agreed November 2013, keys April 2014, planning permission September 2014 and work commencing October 2014.

As with any building project there are ups and downs, but we had an extra 'hurdle' as the house is a protected structure so we needed to work with the conservation department. It has been challenging but with a bit of flexibility (from our side) we are happy with the results so far and excited to be living in this beautiful house.

A big help has been our builders - Howard Building Contractors, they have been brilliant and always on hand to give good solid advise when another issue appeared.

Our house has been repainted pink as following advise from the Conservation department, we had to submit another Section 5 application if we wanted to change the colour. We submitted this but as this would take another 4 weeks, scaffolding was up and we needed to keep moving - pink it was to be, so now all cleaned up in beautiful Peony Prize it remains the Pink House (much to the boys dismay but they will get over it).

Here's a few pictures of progress to date.

Pretty in Pink - just the door to be done.

Basement - Nordic Elements' new Studio

Newly restored windows and walls in Drawing Room (oldest part of the house)

Hall ceiling being fixed and painted - not for fainthearted!

Kitchen made and installed by Wabi-Sabi & designed by Morwenna Gerrard - soooo excited.

New coving and ceiling rose as there was none in this beautiful room.

En-Suite in master bedroom- glass screens by Wabi-Sabi based on my own design.  

Basement stairs back again after a full reconfiguration of the basement which had previously been converted into a 2 bedroom apartment. 

Guest Loo - getting there.

First fire in the new stove, marble surround all restored and beautiful - all done by Buckley's Fireplaces.

Boys room - total transformation.

Paving nearly complete - house lovely pink again.

Wall planters ready for some plants.


  1. The house is shaping up nicely! Based on how fast the work is progressing, looks like you’ll be able to follow through your moving timetable then. So, how did it go? I hope everything went well with your move. Congratulations on scoring this beautiful place, by the way! :)

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removal

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  3. I have always admired those who have the vision to restore an entire house. To see the results of months of renovation and know that the original old world charm remains intact but the home is also functional in our modern world is amazing. There is something to be said about preserving history and this house is a true landmark.

    Vanessa Walters @ Stellar Movers

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