My Dublin House

My Dublin House
St. Mary's


This blog is about our journey restoring and renovating our 'new' very old house in Dublin and how my ideas are reflected and incorporated into the house design. It is not just about design, but how the house will work for us a family with 2 very lively boys and trying to update the house to 21st Century living without taking away the traditional features, charm and history.

Hopefully a happy marriage of Scandi and Irish design and lifestyle!

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me, and feel free to comment at any time or send me an email if you have any question.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Progress - slowly

It's been a while, but things are beginning to take shape. As expected it was never going to be an easy journey with such an old property, but so far we have not found any hidden treasures (sadly) or old bones (thankfully) only added costs..... also expected.

Below are a few images of the current state of affairs - still a way to go but can't wait to live there later this Summer, feel so blessed and lucky.

The diggers have gone.

Some re-wiring through 5ft stone walls.
Kitchen nearly ready for fitting - part of chimney gone.

Back walls nearing completion, drains re-routed and all sorts of re-inforcement.
Posh shed foundations in progress.
Basement being tanked, damp proofed you name it - it's being done....
Basement laundry room to be and waiting for new stairs to be re-instated.

Drawing room at it's worst, this is the oldest part of the house - previously a tower within Booterstown Castle. Walls being fixed, new floors to go in and most importantly central heating.
Sample of re-claimed oak floor for the drawing room - minus the mahogany strips though - less is more!

Stud work  for the en-suite taking shape in the Master bedroom - finished off with glass panels up to the ceiling.
Master En-suite stud work  from another angle.

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