My Dublin House

My Dublin House
St. Mary's


This blog is about our journey restoring and renovating our 'new' very old house in Dublin and how my ideas are reflected and incorporated into the house design. It is not just about design, but how the house will work for us a family with 2 very lively boys and trying to update the house to 21st Century living without taking away the traditional features, charm and history.

Hopefully a happy marriage of Scandi and Irish design and lifestyle!

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me, and feel free to comment at any time or send me an email if you have any question.


Monday, 9 February 2015

Windows & more digging....

Well it's well and truly a building site, lots happening and Barry & his team are working away with lots of machinery on site - much to the boys excitement.

All sash windows have been removed and taken away to be restored, the frames will be restored on site.

The basement is moving ahead slowly but a few issues have cropped up that had to be dealt with and it is now being lined with a special membrane as part of the damp-proofing.

The terracing at the front and back of house is beginning to take shape and soon the mounds of soil and rubble will be levelled out again and we may see a bit of our garden again.

Windows removed for restauration 

Marcus: Mummy can we have a swimming pool?

A bit of Spring amongst the mud & madness of a building site

Front terracing taking shape

Back terracing taking shape as well!

Slow but steady progress.

Basement being damp proofed


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