My Dublin House

My Dublin House
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This blog is about our journey restoring and renovating our 'new' very old house in Dublin and how my ideas are reflected and incorporated into the house design. It is not just about design, but how the house will work for us a family with 2 very lively boys and trying to update the house to 21st Century living without taking away the traditional features, charm and history.

Hopefully a happy marriage of Scandi and Irish design and lifestyle!

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me, and feel free to comment at any time or send me an email if you have any question.


Monday, 27 April 2015

7 weeks to go....

Will we be able to move in on the estimated date of completion?? who knows, but so far so good although a few challenges along the way.

The windows have returned after being restored by Callaghan's - great job, they have been restoring the frames and re-fitting the windows during the last 3 weeks and finally we can begin to see the house taking shape.

So much happening on-site, the whole house has now been re-plumbed and central heating installed as there was any, each room in the house was previously heated by a variation of stoves.

We are fitting two solid fuel stoves in the two reception rooms and the original marble surrounds are being restored in the process all done by Buckley's.

The garage shed is finished and ready for cladding with larch. This will be a very simple contemporary and modern finish with an 'invisible' door.

As for the external painting, we have decided to keep the house pink for a number of reasons, one being to change the colour we would have to apply for planning which will add more time and we need to get the scaffolding removed. Secondly, I quite like the idea of keeping the pink although I am not a 'pink' girl, but kinda funny with my 2 boys and husband although my eldest thinks it's embarrassing :-)

We are all so excited about nearly being there and ready to move into our house. We left London nearly 2 years ago and have been waiting for this since end of November 2013 when we went sale agreed on the house, but it will all be worth it as we will have a very special home for our little family.

Here's a few pics from the last few weeks of progress

The view up the street from the scaffolding.

Restored windows going back in, frames being fixed painted etc - nearly as new!

My studio taking shape, concrete floor ready for polishing.

What shade of white to choose......

Garage Shed ready for Larch cladding.

Inspecting the roof structure - one of our main challenges......

David would love to add a balcony on top of the house but might have an issue with the conservation department......
 - nice view though on a sunny day!

The ' Challenge' old roof structure cut down and new fitted onto the old one about 10-15 years ago, but now adding uneven pressure on latch and plaster ceiling in boys room causing cracks.... 

A few wires.... from one socket in each room to well many more!. 

En-suite pod in the master bedroom ready for tiling and glazing to go in.

Windows, plumbing and wiring - all happening in the boys room.

Drawing room nearing finish.

Windows, chimney re-pointing, painting, roof inspections all happening on the scaffolding.

Restored window going back in - proper daylight again. 

My 50 shades of grey..... but which one??

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